Chang Pu Offers Handiest Tools for Global Customers

■ Lee Tsung-kan

Chang Pu Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, mainly manufacturing ratchet wrenches. With experience and research for many years, Yang Chang-pu, the chairman of the company, leads the R&D group to come up with the handiest tools for their customers through continuous improvement and innovation.

To better cater to the costumers' needs, Chang Pu Enterprise has set up a multi-functional factory in Changhua and manufactured its own-brand products, which comprises a high proportion of its products. With the help of advanced management equipment and mechanisms, along with the strictest examination and tests, the company is able to ensure the accuracy and quality of products as both of them are the most basic things promised to costumers.

Chang Pu Enterprise has boosted the quality of its service and provide users with the most suitable and professional solution. The company also masters ergonomics and the latest trend through collaboration on materials and manufacturing technology. The company has accumulated almost 100 patents and won the Innovation Research Award in 2014. Ms. Xiao Yi-Ling, who had been supporting the operation of the company, played an important role in these great achievements. Step by step, Yang and Xiao together lead Chang Pu Enterprise to the global market.

The newly-developed eagle multi-functional ratchet wrench can unscrew all the broken screw nuts (70%). The eagle-shape mouth of the wrench is compatible with various types of screw nuts, such as star, square, tooth, hex, spline. The sizes and colors of the ratchet behind can be changed according to the needs of costumers. There are also other types of ratchets including ring, blind rivet, single or double extension, double size, or double size extension. Tooth ratchets and torque wrenches are also available. Another new product is hollow light weight flexible ratchet wrench. This product bears the functions of the former product and the hollow light weight design are added along with the anti-falling hole, which is not only a delight to the eye but can also be used to fastened the tool. With all the features above, the new product can draw more attention from the consumers. Chang Pu believes in its ability to stand out from all the excellent competitors.The quality, durability, and the functions of its ratchet wrenches are leading the global market. Chang Pu Enterprise has been highly praised and trusted by its customers.

For more information, please visit www.changputool.com.tw.